OK – so it was a good/bad day challenge-wise.

The good stuff: For Valentine’s Day I bought Roger a gift pack from Omaha Steak Company (BTW girls – he LOVED that gift.) Since we were the only ones home (and didn’t have multiple teenagers that needed their gullets filled) we did steaks on the BBQ, salads and twice baked potatoes. Beyond yummy.

For lunch today, it was our weekly business meeting and therefore one of eating out exceptions. We both decided to go healthy and order the grilled mesquite salad at Chili’s.

Um. Big mistake. Big huge mistake.

Roger went to the Chili’s website and got the nutritional info:

Calories    960

Fat        62g

Are you kidding me?!? Tomorrow I am going to eat something healthier – like a slab of cheesecake from the Factory.

No I won’t. But hey, I am feeling a whole lot better about the whole eating at home thing.

Have you ever been surprised but the labels on your food – either eating at home or out?

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