We are starting week 3 of our challenge of not eating at restaurants except for business/giftcards. Here is our official total:

Number of Days on the Challenge: 14

Number of times we have eaten at restaurants with a gift card: 3 (two times at Starbucks with my son Justen for our weekly date, one time with Roger at Outback for his birthday).

Number of Cheats since the Challenge started: 1 (I was doing announcements at church today and while I got a free coffee from the café and brought my own banana from home, I forgot to bring a bottle of water from home.)

Amount of personal finances spent on eating out since the challenge started: $1

Biggest realization since the challenge started: Bottled water at church is expensive.

Amount of weight lost by me and Roger since eating at home: 7 pounds

Thing I have missed the most since starting the challenge: Starbucks and drive thru Diet Cokes.

Best new recipe: Portobello Pizzas. (Much like the recipe that Roger published last week, but with sausage and pepperoni – yummy.)



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