It’s Day One of the Get Rid of It Challenge and I wonder what is in your closet.


Today’s challenge is this: Could you get rid of 20 things in your closet, drawers or wherever you store your clothes? (Treadmill, anyone? Anyone?)


It will be important for you to set up a place where you can put things that you are going to donate later in the challenge (spot in the garage, trunk of your car, closet in your spare room.) You need to get it out of your room and not pile it up on a spare chair in your room (where it will topple over, and then, instead of sorting it all again, you just throw it back in the laundry and deal with it “later”.)

Donate all that you can – but if something is gross or beyond repair (bras with safety pins – really?) recycle or throw it away.


This will be the easiest time to go through your closet – we all have 20 things that we could get rid of. Just realize, we will be going back to the closet and digging deeper next time.


Post your results here and let us cheer you on when you actually Get Rid of It!


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