Today’s Project: Throw away 21 things from your fridge.

Note from Kathi: Hey girls – my server has been having issues, so I am sorry that you haven’t had your projects – but don’t worry – we are back on board!

I know technically I should be cleaning out my fridge once a week. But honestly, it takes one of the three following event to happen before I dig in:

  1. There is an untraceable smell
  2. The take out containers from the five of us make it impossible for me to find a place to put my pint on non-fat milk (you don’t get to judge until you have five adults living under one roof)
  3. Anytime I go to Costco

So today – I toss!

Items I will be taking a long hard look at:

  • All the ketchups, designer mustards, pineapple salsas etc. that have ended up in my condiment graveyard
  • Any take out boxes (this may sever some relationships kid-wise, but I am willing to run the risk)
  • The veggie bin: I get all motivated to eat healthy in the store and at the farmer’s market, but when it comes to acutally preparing those super-healthy-organic-and-locally-grown veggies… their chances of making into actually dishes? 50/50
  • All milks will be given the sniff test



So, in clebration of getting rid of my culinary glut, I will also be giving away one of my previously loved books to a randomly chosen commenter:


Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously is a very funny – if not raw (wow, pun totally not intended) read. I loved the book (after all, it was a PROJECT she was working on,) but she does cuss like a sailor who drank a little too much cooking sherry.

Since I don’t use those words, but also realize that a lot of otherwise great books use those words, I still offer it here, with appropriate warnings J

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