I love Costco – in theory.

I love getting a great deal, don’t mind buying in bulk and love free samples. But actually going to Costco – makes me feel like I am gearing up for a transcontinental expedition. Here are the things I have to do to go to Costco

  • Make the lists (and I always forget stuff)
  • Clean out the fridge so there is room for the stuff I am buying
  • Clean out the van (since 90% of the time I have speaking/book stuff in there)
  • Find the coupons
  • Make room in the freezer
  • Make room on the counter tops
  • Beg kids to be home so that they can help unload stuff

I love this price list that I found online – Costco Price List good price list of many of the most common things bought at Costco.

I would love to hear any ideas/tips you have for Costco trips. What do you feel like the best bargains are there? Is there stuff you have tried and it didn’t pan out for you?

Couple of things that I love at Costco:

  • Pork Loin (we chop these into thirds and freeze with marinades – yum.)
  • Dehydrated mushrooms
  • Roasted Chicken (which I am sure in injected with crack – but I don’t care.)


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