OK – Two big bags of clothes down – 20 more days to go.


Did you get rid of some clothes yesterday? If so – I am so proud of you and know that others will be blessed because you are letting go.


If not – hoarder!


Today’s challenge is in the bathroom – do you have 21 things in your bathroom that you could get rid of today? That shampoo that makes your hair frizzy, the blue eye shadow that you kept from Junior High. In fact – here is a list from a cosmetician on when to get rid of those things that have been hanging around:

Lipstick-get rid if it changes smell or consistency
Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyeshadow-3-6 months (any longer and it breeds bacteria and could cause eye infections).
Blush-1 yr.
Foundation-1 yr.(sooner if it has a strange odor)
Pressed Powder– 6mos-1 yr

I love the idea that this cosmetician gave to make sure you always know how long to keep that Maybelline:

When you first buy a product, take a permanent marker and write the date on it. You will know at a glance when it is time to replace.


I don’t want to lose any of my faithful blog readers to death by eye pencil – so please – pitch the stuff.


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