I knew that one of my biggest challenges in to 30 Day Eat at Home Challenge was going to be skipping the Mickey D’s drive-thru for my bladder bustin’ Diet Cokes.

The Second issue? My grande non-fat misto with sugar-free vanilla from Starbucks. Oh so yummy.

So the day before our challenge started we hit ate out (naturally) and I got a great big cup from Baja Fresh – you’ve seen them: big straw, giant cup that would make a great sub for the giant drinks I normally got at drive thrus. Totally perfect plan.

Until Roger found me in the kitchen, the cabinets totally emptied mumbling like a homeless person under a bridge, “Where is my cup, where is my cup,”

“Umm, Kath, what are you looking for?”

“My Baja Fresh cup. I bought it specifically for this month to do all my big drinks in and now it is missing. I bet one of our rotten, evil kids took it to school or work or something. GRRRR.”

Roger inched toward the door, “Um it’s not the kids. It was me. And I didn’t take it to work, I recycled it… Stop throwing cups at me! I love you…bye!!!”

It is now referred to as “The Cup Incident”.

I have learned to manage with other cups. (I am a big girl.) And I do think this will be the longest lasting affect of the 30 day challenge – trying to bring my own cup when I go for a drive instead of going through the drive through.

Which is leading to a life skill that has been sorely lacking in my life – planning ahead.

I am hoping this will spill into other areas of my life – fixing dinner, looking for sales, etc.

Who knew that a plastic cup could lead to some personal discipline?


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