Because of the book The Husband Project, I often get reader questions based on some of the things I wrote in the book. Because many of you have found me through THP, I thought that some of these Q&A would be of interest to you as well.


Hi Kathi,
I just finished reading The Husband Project and I am ready to begin.  I want to order one of the Kevin Leman books you mentioned.  I was wondering if you could tell me the differences between Sheet Music and Sex Begins in the Kitchen to help me choose which one to start reading first.  Thanks!!
Amy from Colorado


Hey Amy –


I find the main difference is that Sex Begins in the Kitchen is more about having a whole marriage that is conductive to intimacy where as Sheet Music is more about actually… well sex?


If I chose an order, I would read his classic Sex Begins
in the Kitchen then Sheet Music. In my humble opinion. ?


I hope you enjoyed THP and that both you and your husband will enjoy the benefits!




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