Why you may not be hearing from me for a couple of days.

Roger and I for the first four years of our marriage didn’t have any kids that were ours – we had his and mine. That all changed today.

Jake is a Puggle: a Pug/Beagle and he is a 5 year old rescue dog from the animal shelter. He was surrendered because his owner’s landlord changed to a “no-pet policy”, not because he did dastardly things.




Oh he is just such a sweet boy. Everyone is in love with him, except the cat:

Don’t let the sweet picture fool you. When I posted it to Facebook, my sister-in-law, Lucinda, said “I couldn’t believe the picture of Zorro – he doesn’t look evil or anything.”

Lot’s going on around here (and yes, we have managed to not eat in restaurants during all of the chaos..) more soon.

Love, kisses and biodegradable poop bags,


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