I want to welcome all the readers who are coming from:

BellaMella – a very cool blog by a very cool blogger/speaker Melanie. She is into family and food. I am hooked, of course.

Everything According To Erin – many of you already know my devotion to Erin as she is a very funny blogger and the designer behind my puppy’s very preppy collar.


Today’s Get Rid of It Project #11:

I want you to go through your recipes/cookbooks. Are there 21 cookbooks/pieces of paper with recipes, etc. you could get rid of?

It is so frustrating to try to find a recipe and have to go through hundreds of pieces paper, dozens of books, and bunches of computer files to get to the two dozen recipes that I actually use.

I still have a bunch of cookbooks (I enjoy looking through them to get ideas), but I have donated several to the local Goodwill. One thing that was very helpful was that I copied the recipes I actually use that were given to me by other people and put them all into one binder divided into different categories (chicken marinades, ground beef casseroles, etc.) I tell you, if the house was on fire, I would clear out the people and the pets, grab my hard drive, and then the Kathi Cookbook.

I am going to make a special offer for the next three days. If you are one of the first five people to get rid of 21 items from your recipe collection, I will send you my cookbook, The Frozen Gourmet. Let me know by this Sunday if you did it, and Kimber will put the books in the mail on Monday!


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