Get Rid of It Project #17 or Trusting God and the Case of the Mysterious Boomerang Basket-And a Great Giveaway

Today’s Get Rid of It Project: Get rid of something you could possibly one day use, or has some value, but you know would bless someone else.

Several years ago, as my first husband and I were cleaning out the house we were going to have to put up for sale, we were both in positions where we had to get rid of a lot of stuff.

He was going one way, and my kids and I were going to go live with my parents in Sacramento, two hours away from where we had been living in San Jose, CA.

While my parents house was big, we were going to be doubling the population of the residence. I needed to drastically par down.

The problem was that so much of the stuff that I had could be useful again. Someday.

There were books that I loved, dishes that I could use when I had a house of my own, linens and wedding gifts and fondue pots and so much stuff. And it broke my heart to give it all away. It felt like an admission that I had failed at not only marriage, but at grown up life.

So I did something different than a garage sale or just taking it all to Goodwill. I had what I called on the invitation a Buddy Blessing.

I invited all my best girlfriends over and had them clean house. I put every book, candle, knick-knack, cup and table cloth in my living room and told my friends to go shopping. I probably gave away hundreds of things.

Was it hard to see some stuff go – absolutely. There were a lot of memories tied to some of those items.

But here is the cool thing. When I would go to visit friends, I would see the book I gave them on their coffee table, or see the tea cup that used to be in my picture window being used as a tiny vase in their breakfast nook. It sure was a lot better than paying storage on things I wouldn’t see month after month.

And then, a few years later when it was time to set up house with Roger, I unpacked the boxes that I had kept, and tried to remember what all I had given away and what I needed to replace. And what did I come up with? One thing.

The only thing I missed out of all the things I had given away was this cute little basket that had four slots in it – one for knives, one for forks, one for spoons, one for napkins. That was it.

Now the funny thing about that little basket was this. I couldn’t remember who I gave it to – it didn’t matter, I wasn’t going to ask for it back. It wasn’t that I regretted giving it away, it was just that it was the only thing I missed.

A week after Roger and I got married, my friends Chris and Vikki were packing up their house to move to Arkansas. As we were painting and cleaning and sorting to get them ready to move, I saw the magic basket. Vikki saw it at the same time I did and asked “Do you want that back? We aren’t going to be able to take it with us.”

It was like God arranged free storage of our basket for a couple of years.

That was a very long story to say this: I don’t know how much God cares about a silverware basket, but I do know that the stuff I hang onto out of the fear that I will need it “someday” is much better off in someone else’s hands than mine.

And here is where I can help you pass on something to someone you love. In the next week (that is, by next Friday,) if you post a comment here telling me about something that you passed on to a friend that you knew they could use, I will put you in a drawing for a copy of The Husband Project to be sent to the friend of your choice – on me from you.


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