Clothes – again.

Time to go through your closets, drawers, scary laundry area and get rid of 21 of those thing that you just don’t wear anymore.

Oh, and here is a great tip from my friend (and the kind fashion consultant if you have heard my Macy’s story at a speaking engagement) Jill Swanson. She says that the best way to tell how long it has been since you have worn a piece of clothing is to turn all of your hangers backwards, but when you wear something, was it, and hang it up again, put the hanger in the regular way. That way, after a year (or however long you have decided) if the hanger is still hanging backwards, you haven’t worn that piece of clothing, (and it no longer deserves room in your closet.)

Jill is a fashion savant.


If you are fashion challenged like me, be sure to check out Jill’s book Simply Beautiful. I love her advice and simple way to manage your wardrobe.

Brag here if you got rid of 21 pieces today (or hung your hangers backwards!)

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