Get Rid of It Project #18

OK – it is a 21 item project today. You can do it!

I want you to go through your house and get rid of 21 things that you no longer love.

I was looking at my red hutch (which looks so cool in my golden yellow kitchen,) and realized that it has become a junk collection site.

There are some things on it I love. My mom’s old coffee grinder (that my brother and I decided to grind dog food in – and my mom promptly retired from the coffee grinding business,) the three fat chickens Roger and I bought on a B&B tour of Northern California, and some very cute Disney Coffee Canisters (yes, we are Disney freaks.) I love all of those things but totally forgot that they were there, because there was so much other stuff to contend with – little trinkets that had accumulated and I didn’t deal with, didn’t love, but didn’t do a darn thing about.

So today (or I should say Saturday, when I get back from Nashville,) I will go through my house with a box and get rid of 21 things that I no longer love.

Will you be my inspiration? The Wind Beneath My Wings? Tell me some of the stuff that you are getting rid of so that I will be reminded – and inspirited – to get rid of my stuff.

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