No, the title of this post is not because our new dog, Jake, decided that the $742 dollars that we spent in chew toys just wasn’t enough to keep him entertained and decided to eat Roger’s $65 phone headset instead.

Really, the reason is that a very fun and funny blogger, Erin was caught reading my book (oh my how I love Google Alerts who tell me anytime someone mentions “Kathi Lipp” or “The Husband Project” on the Web. Self-obsessed? Who me?) on her website and we started up a webby friendship.

She is doing something very cool that combines my love of Jake and my weird fascination with Oprah. Recently on the O’s show, she showed a program where dogs were being trained behind bars by prisoners. It was amazing – these prisoners, many who had never known unconditional love in their lives – were training dogs to be companions for people who really, really needed them.


My puppy-loving heart just broke.


Well Erin is raising money to sponsor one of these dogs by designing and creating dog and cat collars and selling them, then using the proceeds to sponsor her very own Puppy Behind Bars.


I am not one of those people who dresses up my dog. I have no need to buy him little outfits (and had a hard time keeping a straight face when my step-daughter asked me if I wanted some hand me downs for Jake from one of her friends – DOGGY HAND-ME-DOWNS!) but we figured he was manly enough to sport a madras collar – especially for the 4th of July. We received Jakes collar on Friday and I have to say he looks quite handsome in it.

If you want to check out more of Erin’s handy work –and support a great cause that benefits dogs and people, check out her blog at Puppy Love By Erin

If you would like to be entered in a drawing to win a designer collar by Erin, send a picture of your favorite pooch or puddy tat to me at by this Friday. A winner will be randomly drawn for a collar of your choice donated by Erin – and your cat and canine pix will be on display for the world to see.

Can’t wait to see all the cuteness.

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