I stand here, cyber-naked, baring it all. I share here my most recent obsessions, hoping, nay praying, that you share some of them as well and I won’t feel quite so alone (and crazy) in these things that have overtaken my life. (But I can stop anytime I want to. Really.)

Please let me know what your current obsession is in the comment section below. I may need a new one by next week.


Let’s just be clear – I am not as obsessed as many of you are and I don’t care to know what Ashton Kutcher is having with Demi for breakfast. However, it has been FACINATING to see what some of my favorite authors are up to and a great way to stay in touch with people I care about. If you are on Twitter, I would love to follow you and have you follow me (as this is often great material for my books when I hear what you all are up to.) My twitter name is @kathilipp If you are not on twitter – just try it! It is not scary and is pretty fun.

If you are just getting started (or are not yet convinced) here are two great articles for you new twitterbugs.


12 Reasons to Start Twittering | Michael Hyatt

The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter | Michael Hyatt


Jag Jeans ‘Gabrielle’ Crop Cargo Pants

I had a birthday shopping trip and money to burn so I went to my local Nordstrom, (Nordy’s to those of us who like to pretend to have the money to shop there,) and spent a bit too much on these Gabrielle Crop Pants. Totally worth it. As soon as I take them off at night, I put them into the laundry so they are in my closet rotation ASAP.

But, (I tell myself, and Roger) it is OK to spend that much on a pair of pants if you wear them PRACTICALLY EVERY DAY.

I am totally convinced. Roger, maybe not so much.

Available at www.nordstrom.com


Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer

Ever since Jake our puggle (pug beagle mix) came into our lives a few weeks ago, I started to casually watch Cesar and his way of the puppy.

After a week, I was totally hooked. There is just something about Cesar that makes me want to curl up on the couch and devote an hour to doing nothing but petting my own bad dog and watch him master everyone else’s hazardous hounds.

Watching Cesar is so de-stressing for me (read: calm assertive for those of you who also watch,) that if I am having a rough day, Roger will just fire up the Tivo and put on an episode to calm me.



Um, what is so extraordinary about blueberries? Absolutely nothing. That is until I was over at my friend Nancy’s house for a meeting where she had laid out a lovely nibble-fest with cheese and crackers, sliced apples and bowls of blueberries.

I didn’t realize that I was taking a few more blueberries than was socially acceptable until they were all gone.


I am now putting these on everything (taste great in a chicken salad) – they make me so happy.

Obsessed about something? Please share. You will feel better. Promise.



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