OK – I wished I looked this cute as I lounged in bed today, listening to my iPod and letting out a moan every once in a while to let everyone know, “I have a fever, pity me. (Oh and by the way: don’t expect me to figure out what is for dinner.)”

So between moans and petting the dog (this was our first sick day together and he, along with Roger, took very good care of me) I bummed about having no brain to write the VERY COOL blog post about what I did to get rid of my jewelry yesterday. So when I do have two brain cells to rub together, you will get your very cool blog post.

HOWEVER, my friend Cheri wrote a VERY COOL blog post about getting rid of not jewelry, but another womanly secret shame – Scrapbooking Paraphernalia.

(This is not an issue for me. I have told my kids that I don’t scrapbook, but each of them will get a beautifully decorated shoebox on their wedding day filled with all their childhood pics. I strongly suggest that they each marry someone crafty.)

So as you work on today’s project: Deciding what thing from your past you need to let go of (you don’t have to get rid of it today, just tell me what you are getting rid of,) check out Cheri Gregory’s Post and get super inspired.

I am going back to bed.

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