OK – I will be sharing this with the rest of the world later today, but I wanted my BBFF (Best Bloggy Friends Forever)to know first.


I have just signed two new book contracts with Harvest House Publishers. (Yes, I continue to do the happy dance every time I think of it.)


The Next two tentative titles are:

The Me Project – 21 Days to Pursuing Your God-Given Dreams

The Kid Project – 21 Days to Connecting with Your Kids

I have about nine months to finish each of them and I am going to need a lot of help.


In the next few weeks, here on the blog we will be starting the Me Project and I am hoping that many of you will b my cyber guinea pigs and do the projects with me, give me your feedback, and then (with your permission,) I will be using your stories in the book.

See, you can get a writing credit without having to find an agent. Pretty cool.

Keep reading for further announcements – we are going to have a LOT of fun.

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