First off, BIG CONGRATS to Monica Lonigan who won yesterday’s book! Enter today below.

So, are you in?

Is it time to give your hubby a little extra loving?

As I have been talking about here on the blog for a few days now, the whole month of October is going to be Husband Month here on the blog. We are gearing up for a lot of man lovin’ and I just have one question for you.

So, are you in?

Are you willing to step up and say “Yes! For 21 days I will spend 5 extra minutes a day loving my man on purpose. I will think about what he wants for dinner instead of just what my kids will eat. I will wear something to bed for one night that doesn’t have the word “GAP” printed on it! YES, I am ready for the challenge!”

Or, maybe it is just: “Yes, my friend has guilted me into it.”

Either answer is perfectly acceptable.

I know it is never a good time to work on this stuff. I know that you are busy and going into the holidays and you are the room mom and work is extra busy.

I promise, we are going to keep it fun. I am going to do a give away EVERY SINGLE DAY of the project. Lots of women will be sharing their wisdom, their stories and their recipes.

So, are you in?

If you are, let me know in the comments below before 9:00 pm PST on Tuesday and I will enter your name into Tuesday’s drawing. Then be sure to check back on Wednesday to see if you won.

I want every one of my blog readers to look back years from now and remember that October was one of the best months of your marriage.

So, are you in?

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