Remember, starting Monday October 5th we will be kicking off The Husband Project Challenge- 21 Days of Loving Your Man On Purpose and with a Plan. Win a copy of the book this week or purchase it in my shop (we are having a special to celebrate this month.) But hey, you can do the challenge without the book – but what’s the fun in that?)

Oh, and congrats to Deann, who won Tuesday‘s book!

If you have read The Husband Project, you know that one of the major aspects of the plan is to get together with a few friends and hold each other accountable throughout the 21 days of the project. (And trust me, when you are assigned to be nice to your man for 21 days, you are going to need all the friends you can get in order not to quit…)

Well, you are going to have some MAJOR accountability since y’all are doing the Project with me on the blog. But, it is also good to have one or two friends who are your “fleshy friends”. Women who know you a little bit deeper than a bunch of people (albeit, a rockin’ group of people…) that you don’t know real well.

So while we are all going to have a lot of fun, I want you to get as much accountability around you as possible, from my group, and your own.

To get the word out to your friends so that they can support you and you can support them, I’m going to encourage you with some extra swag and some extra chances to win.

For the next three days, you will be entered into the drawing just by leaving a comment in the section below. All I want to know is who you want to be doing the Project with – your sister, your best friend, or your bestest bloggy friend.

And if you put a link to this post up on Facebook or Twitter (and in a separate comment let me know that you did) I will enter you another time. You can enter up to twice a day. (Cause it is going to be just that much fun.)

On Friday, I will pick three winners, each of whom will receive a Husband Project Gift Pack, including:

  • A Copy of The Husband Project

  • The Husband Project DVD

  • The Husband Project Leader’s CD

  • The Frozen Gourmet

Cool huh?

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