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Project #11


Eliminate Something that Makes Him Crazy

“Stress is the trash of modern life – we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life. “

Danzae Pace


Your Project

Today’s focus is to remove one stressor from his life. Figure out what makes him feel a tiny sense of defeat each day and plan to remove it.


            My husband and I live in Silicon Valley where the dreams are big, but the houses are small. Our home, measuring in at less than 1300 square feet, with the two of us, plus throw in three teens living at home and a cat with a weight issue and you’ve got the making for some tight living quarters. Every square inch of our tiny town house serves at least a couple of purposes. The living room is also the kids’ computer room. Our dining area is homework central, and our master bedroom is also my office.

            I know Roger would love nothing more than to come home and be able to lie down for a few minutes at the end of a hectic work day. Unfortunately, his side of the bed is the only flat surface I can use for the layout space for my next article, entitled How to Organize Your Home from the Inside – Out.

            One thing I can do to love Roger a little better is to make sure that the bed is clear of projects and folded underwear at the end of the day. One less obstacle between him and a few minutes rest will go a long way in giving him peace.

            What in your husband’s day makes him stifle a sigh? Does he have to remove a driveway-full of bikes before he can park his car? Is he a neat freak who comes home to Mount Fold-Me on the couch every day?

            Maybe it’s a carload of donations waiting to go to the Goodwill or a special screw he needs to pick-up in order to fix the door. Whatever it is, see if there’s a way to take the annoyance out of his life.

Prayer for Today

Dear God, let me do these things, not to be noticed, but so my husband will feel loved and honored, even in the little things.

Getting Creative

·         Does the sound of Cartoon Network blaring when he gets home drive your guy nuts? Maybe some Mozart (or Credence Clearwater Revival) would be a better sound to greet him.

·         Does your he-man need to wade through piles of make-up and “product” just to brush his teeth? Time to declare some man territory in the bathroom. Put your stuff in baskets or on shelves so he has clear access to all his gear.

·         Where’s his favorite spot in the house? If it’s the chair by the TV, make sure the remote is handy (with some fresh batteries, perhaps) and his news magazine is close by.

·         Are there a bunch of albums your husband has been meaning to download on his iPod? Get your tech-savvy teenage neighbor to show you how to do that.

·         Does he have a watch that needs a new battery, a piece of luggage with a broken handle that never quite seems to make it to the repair shop, or a favorite shirt with a button missing? Take care of the little annoyance, not to be thanked, but just to make his life a little easier and more hassle-free.


Project Reports

“There is one thing that really bugs my husband and that is my coffee cup collection. I just hate to get rid of anything but they don’t all fit in the cupboard. I guess I will just have to part with some of them today. “



“A little quirky but one of my husband’s annoyances is getting into the shower to find only a small, tiny little chip of a soap remnant left on the shelf. His biggest contention is that I take up the entire shower caddy with my 10 different “cucumber melon papaya mango coconut vanilla – there’s a produce section in our shower” bath gels so why do I need to use his bar of soap! I made sure a nice fresh bar of soap was readily available.”


“I went through all of the pens on my husband’s desk, pitching the ones that were out of ink, and replacing them with ones that could actually write.”



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