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While this is the first day of our prep, if you have friends who want to join in, let them know that they can jump in any time. You don’t need to have The Husband Project book in order to participate, but you definitely will get more out of this(and be able to plan better) if you read along. You can order it on Amazon or for a special price on my website.

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What to do today:


  1. Check out all of the free fun stuff on the website under Freebies. There is a great Calendar that you can print out to plan all of your hubby activities. Remember, Project #1 starts next Monday, so you can plan accordingly.


  2. Leave a comment by 10:00 PM PST about what you are doing today to plan (printing the calendar, planning the first week, etc.) and you could win a copy of The Husband Project for you or a friend.


  3. Make sure you are subscribed to the blog to get your daily project. (Go to http://blog.kathilipp.com to subscribe.)


  4. Read thru the Glossary of Terms and The Quick Start Guide


Glossary of Terms

for The Husband Project



A provided activity by which you’ll bless your guy, making him feel special, loved, appreciated, adored, admired, honored or pampered…and if he’s really lucky, all of the above! There are 21 Projects in all.


Project Manager

Head cheerleader for the “make my guy feel great” campaign…that would be you! You’re already queen of the house, the proverbial belle of the ball, and now, since you’re the one taking charge on each and every Project, you’re the Project Manager.


Accountability Partner

Someone who helps keep your feet to the fire, The Husband Project fire, that is. Accountability Partners (one of them is me, Kathi!) join you in this project to collectively discuss your plans and goals, provide enthusiasm, inspiration, and maybe a little laughter along the way.


Bonus Projects

Sex. Yep, that’s what the Bonus Projects are all about. Sex, plain and simple…you’ll be finding ways to physically bless your man at least once a week for each of the three weeks. No doubt, these projects will be some of your guy’s favorites, and hopefully some of yours as well.



An essential part of any Project Manager’s tool kit. In the chapter, The Real Woman’s Guide to Lingerie Shopping, we give you all the good stuff you need to know to make a splash with a little sex appeal and a lot of self-confidence.


Guy Food

Recipes we’ve provided so you can bless you guy, regardless of your culinary skills. Think comfort food. Think rich, yummy, oooey-gooey, creamy, cheesy and generally, doctor-restricted. You won’t find these dishes on the low-fat, low-carb menus, but you will find them at the top of your husband’s favorite foods list.


Guy Movies

Manly movie fare recommended by guys I actually know. Movie categories include sports, action, comedy, and, of course, gratuitous violence. Meet your man’s need for speed, greed and the occasional backhanded deed. As a courtesy, there’s a short of list of movies-for-two for you both to enjoy together.



Getting Creative

Unique, fresh and specific ideas…just what you need to help you complete each Project. Sometimes the hardest part in running the race is getting off the starting block. To help you over this potential hurdle each Project chapter features a Getting Creative section to get you motivated and mobilized to bless your man!




A Quick How-To Guide for The Husband Project


Here is your step-by step guide to doing the Project. 

The Purpose of The Husband Project is to spend 21 days intentional loving and supporting your husband, intentionally.


Remember – this is a secret from your husband. Hide the book at work, in your car, anywhere that your husband will not see it. (He may find out – it’s not


  1. Read through all of the Projects.

This is your chance to get a feel for all 21 of the Projects. Be sure to use all of this book – make notes in the margins, scribble and doodle on the pages, and start to think about ways to tailor each Project to your husband.



  1. Find other friends who want to do The Husband Project and will hold you accountable.

It doesn’t matter if they’re phone friends, internet buddies, or face-to-face girlfriends you meet with at Starbucks down the street. Location is not important; consistency is.





  1. Share your Project Plan with your accountability partners

Each day you are going to have the opportunity to share what you did – or are planning to do – for each project. You don’t have to have completed the project in order to win – you just have to share your plan with us on the blog!


  1. Be Flexible


If one of the projects doesn’t line up with your husband’s schedule, swap it for another day. If food does nothing for him, find another way to treat your hubby – this is all about connecting with him. The intention of the Husband Project is not to make you crazy, but to find new ways to bless and support your husband. Just do something, intentionally, every day.




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