Hey girlies –

I am getting ready for a retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains (I know, try not to feel too sorry for me…)

So instead of doing a half-hearted post about The Husband Project, here is a full-hearted post about a coffee I love and a book I love (and we will get back to all things Husband on Monday…)

Have you tried the instant coffee, Via, from Starbucks? Now let’s just be clear. I am not an instant kind of girl. (And don’t even get me started on powdered creamer. I once had a MOPS group that was complaining that they were losing women. When I saw their coffee set-up I understood. POWDERED CREAMER. I mean really, have some pride ladies. You could have called me. I would have picked up some creamer on the way there. Really, it’s no bother.)

Leave me a comment as to why you deserve a moments peace, a cup of coffee, and a great read, and I will choose one winner to receive two packets of Via as well as one of my favorite books ever:

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