For this week on the blog, I am sharing some of the “different” places I will be shopping this Christmas. Trying to stay on a budgkristine dresset, but get something cool for the people I love is always a challenge. Here are some of the thinjoygs that I love.

I met Kristine at a retreat I did in Lake Tahoe – she was that creative genius that put together all of the hands-on worship experiences. (If you are ever planning an event, she is a great person to steal ideas from. I had seen some of her large-scale sculptures online, and even got to see on up close and personal at their church in N.Ca, but didn’t know that she did custom orders for smaller, more “at home pieces”.

LOVESo these are something that I have asked for for Christmas (the letters K&R) Love them. And if Santa doesn’t bring them, I am breaking into a piggy bank come January.

I asked Kristine to share about how she got into wire art:

My wire sculptures are a result of inspired amusement, creative exploration, and experimentation. My work with wire began about 15 or more years ago as I was inspired by the idea of transforming a straight line into something of volume. My main creative focus involves creating large-scale sculptures of the human form. Small pieces like the ones listed in my gift shop came from simply playing around and keeping my hands busy when resting from work on my bigger pieces. About two years ago I had a dream that I wanted to sprinkle little bits of my work all over the world. As a result I spent more time making smaller pieces that were affordable and easy to ship.You can see my large scale pieces on my website.

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