Every once in a while I like to give you a glimpse into the people who are using the stuff on this blog and the books – and how it is actually working. Here is a posting I found on a blog by Elizabeth at California Mommy in Real Life


“Some friends of mine and I went through a book together not to change our partners but to become better partners ourselves. We chose Kathi Lipp’s The Husband Project.

The premise is 21 Days of Loving Your Husband. The great thing is that it’s all a secret, you can’t tell your partner you are doing this. In the first year of my marriage, this was such a great tool for me to learn an important lesson: give and serve your partner without expecting a thank you or response. This is still a hard thing for me do because when I do something nice, usually my motivation is recognition. But Kathi’s book really teaches you to avoid this pitfall.

The best part was after day one of the Project, when I was seven months pregnant, Kyle asked me if my obstetrician had given me Prozac. Oh man. That’s when I knew that this project had come at just the right time. Check it out, it’s well worth it!”

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