This week I am having multiple sleepovers.

I usually don’t like to spend the night at other people’s homes (“Yes, I know it would save on the cost of your event if I could sleep on one of your church member’s couches, but call me crazy, I have a hard time sleeping with people I don’t know…”) but this week is an exception.

Tomorrow, I will be at the home of one of my old San Jose friends, Arlean, whose husband happens to be to MIC (man in charge) of sales to the ABA market (that is places like Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.) for my publisher, Harvest House. Arlean is like Martha Steward without the bitter – we are going to have a good time.

But tonight I am at Judy’s house . Ah… Judy and her husband David bought a big beautiful home in Grants Pass OR so that people in ministry could have a place to come and crash and recoup. I love Judy’s home, but I love Judy even more .

Judy knew that I was going to arrive while she and David were at bible study, so looked what I walked in on:

welcome KathiI mean – come on!

Warm soup (so yummy), oyster crackers, and a welcome note. I felt so loved.

When I grow up, I want to be like Judy – making people feel welcome in my home.

So here is my questions for you:

1. How have other people made you feel welcome in their home.

2. What do you do to make other people feel welcome when they are over at your house? This could be members of your family, or people who are visiting.

I would love some ideas – and y’all are just so creative – share your wisdom!

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