This past Saturday, Roger and I had a first. We spoke together on marriage.

Roger is not your up-front kind of guy. He would much rather be at the sound board, designing lights or doing anything that did not require people to actually, you know, look at him.

But he did it. And can I tell you? He was so cute!

He did a great job, told some funny stories, made some great points about a man’s need for respect in marriage and basically stood upright for a whole 60 minutes.

I was pretty pumped after we got off stage. I took Rog aside and gave him a big hug.

Roger asked, “So, how do you think it went?”

“I think it went great. I think people were really listening and absorbing it all.” I was really getting excited. I continued. “You know, I think we are a great team, and I think we had a real impact on this group tonight.”

I noticed a woman making a beeline for me. This often happens after a speaking engagement; someone wants to say hi or discuss a point that we touched on, or has a question about the next step they should take in their marriage. I had noticed this woman throughout the presentations. Roger or I would say something and she would nod enthusiastically. (BTW – speakers and pastors LOVE this. Makes us feel like someone is listening…) She was holding a pen and coming straight for me, so that could only mean one thing – she must want me to sign one of my books for her. I smiled at Rog. We had made an impact.

When she handed me the pen, I got a whiff of her. It smelled like she had indulged in one too many cough medicines. Then she handed me a piece of paper which I signed – and then noticed it was an Alcoholics Anonymous accountability form.

The woman thought she had just spent the last hour in an AA meeting.

So much for the life-changing effect we are having on the marriages of the world…

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