tmp-cover There are just some things that make me feel like a grown-up writer. Having my book come out on Kindle is definitely up there.

I just found out that The Marriage Project (released this month) is now available on Kindle. And that makes me very, very happy.

I know, many of you think Kindle is the downfall of modern civilization. (Or at least the publishing industry.) In fact, when my friend Cathy was at a writer’s retreat and mentioned her Kindle, another author proceeded to give her a lecture about how she was contributing to the demise of independent bookstores everywhere.

Which is hilarious, because besides me, no one has contributed more to the success of independent bookstores that Cathy (as judged by her bookshelves…)kindle

I “read” a lot of books every year. “Read” is in quotes because I also download a lot of books to my iPod to listen to while walking Jake the puggle (pug/beagle mix) or while driving to speaking engagements. (Roger is not  a book on tape fan and therefore does not want to listen to anything while we are driving together, preferring meaningful conversation. Whatever.)

If I read 100 books a year (which, may in fact not be too far off…)I would guess that my breakdown goes something like this:

15 Audible Downloads

20 Amazon Purchases (of actual books)

14 Kindle Downloads

10 Gifts from other friends and authors (either purchased in a store or as a free copy from the publisher – and BTW – I receive a lot more books than I read…)

41 books from Brick and Mortar stores (these would include B&N, Borders, Christian bookstores, independent bookstores, airport bookstores, etc.)

So I am interested – what is your breakdown of what your read? Do you own an e-reader and if not – do you want one – or are you morally opposed to it. (Don’t worry, all opinions are welcomed – if not always embraced…)

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