Yes, I know that I am getting ahead of the game, but hear me out.

I am working on my next book called The Me Project: 21 Days to Living the Life You Were Created For.

And, well… I need your help.

I want to know where you want to be on January 1, 2011. What part of your life do you want to have made some progress on in the year 2010?

• Maybe it’s taking a photography course to become a portrait photographer after the kids are grown.

• Maybe you want to go on a missions trip and need to start figuring our where you are going to go – and what you will do once you get there.

• Do you want to become a Bible study teacher, but don’t know where to start?

• Have you always wanted to write a book, but have put it off until life clams down?

• Or maybe blogging seems really intriguing, but you have no idea where to start.

Do me a favor. Start with me.

OK – so I can’t tell you where to go on your missions trip, but I can help your start exploring some of the dreams God may have planted in your heart.

So, will you be my guinea pig?

We have started a Facebook group: Kathi Lipp’s Book Projects to get started. If you would go join the group and the let me know what your dream is all about, I would love to explore it with you. (And then possibly use you for fodder for my book, if you don’t mind.)

I think it could be pretty exciting. Following where God wants to take us and all.

So come on over.

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