Last week, my pastor sent me an e-mail about the Sermon Team I am on with him and the other pastors. I responded to his question, but had to do some soul purifying first:

Kathi Headshot 2008- smallKathi to Scott: “Hey there – first a confession. Yesterday (Sunday) Roger and I completely slept in. We felt so bad but just couldn’t make it to church. So, we decided to run some errands. Roger and I were in the car and he said ‘Knowing our luck, we’ll probably see someone from church.’

Talking on my phone to my mom I went ahead of Roger into Target and saw…you. And like a two year old – went down a different aisle. I wasn’t raised in the church, but I got all of the guilt of a Jewish and Catholic upbringing combined…”

ScottScott to Kathi: ” Church ditching is not the unforgivable sin, but hiding from your pastor is!  (said with a big out loud laugh)  I just read a story yesterday about someone who hid, her name was Eve. (again, said with a huge smile on my face!)  Don’t take the ribbing personally, I think it’s funny.  If I were you I would run the other way next time because I will shout across Target ‘Hey, Kathi I didn’t see you in church today!”

HELLO – That’s exactly why I avoided him. He would have no problem calling me out at Target.

Kathi to Scott: “Mind if I put this up on my blog – it is pretty funny.”

Scott to Kathi: “You bet, because you know it’s going to show up in a sermon.”

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