I have been a busy, busy girl and I have the Southwest Rewards to prove it.

First, I was in Oregon for a few days visiting my friend Judy and then going to my publisher’s offices to have sit down meetings with them about what I want to do with my life (it was a lot like sitting down with my guidance counselor in high school, but a lot more fun and with better food.)

I actually have some news from that trip that I will be announcing very soon – but I have to wait for agents and other official people to sign stuff.

Then I went to Austin and taught a Marketing Bootcamp with awesome author Karen Porter (oh we have so much fun at those things!) Then it was off to Oklahoma City to do a huge women’s retreat.

But then, the entire state of Oklahoma shut down. Wind and ice and snow. It was more than this girl from N. CA could handle (actually, it was more than Southwest could handle…) so instead of OK I went to Oakland where Rog picked me up and I got to spend the weekend with him and Jake the puggle. (And I mean, come on – who wouldn’t want to do some snuggling with this boy.)

Then it was back to Texas to hang out with the wild and wonderful women of The Woodlands UMC. An amazing retreat on Mary and Martha called Woman Interrupted. We had a great time loving on each other, loving on God and talking about out own expectations for ourselves, others and God. Such sweet stuff.

Tomorrow- more on my trip – plus the cutest puppy pictures you have ever seen.

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