An uplifting Easter e-mail  conversation between me and my assistant Monica after she finished a BIG project for me:

Monica: “The world is so much more manageable in your pajamas and with a junk food dinner. Now all I need is some chocolate.”

Kathi: “You must have some chocolate SOMEWHERE in the house?!?”

Monica: “Oh there is chocolate around the house, I’m just restraining myself from going to Coldstone since I found a coupon. Wouldn’t be a good match with the first week at the gym.”

Monica: “I broke into the Hershey Kisses, the bakers chocolate is next.  I realized that iIshouldn’t leave the house to get ice cream if I’m was too busy to go to small group.”

Kathi: “Dude – don’t go to the baker’s chocolate. That’s hard core and there is no going back. That will just lead to you snorting cocoa powder, and then mainlining Hershey sauce. Don’t want to see you on the mean streets of Watsonville offering to create church flyers in exchange for biting the ears off of an chocolate Easter bunny. Just say no.”

Kathi: “We are sick. I’m putting this up on the blog.”

Monica: “So what I pretty much just heard you say was I should go to CVS and buy a chocolate bunny and eat the ears off of it so you can have a picture for the blog? If I must help you in that way I guess I can. And if you insist I get malted milk robins eggs I will…just to support you.”

And employee of the month goes to: MONICA

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