Here is what we are giving up.  It may not seem to be a big deal (in fact, many of our friends have never had these…) but it will definitely take some getting used to:

  1. TIVO  (and you have to remember, I married an engineer who had THREE Tivos…)
  2. All non-essential internet services
  3. Radically decreasing our food costs (both eating out and grocery bills)
  4. Vacations
  5. Non-business books
  6. Some of our cell phone services

If you’re wondering why we are giving this stuff up, check out yesterday’s post.

So I’m curious – have you ever felt the need to get rid of stuff that was crowding your life and stealing time from your relationship with God or others?  I would love to know what it is.


Kathi Lipp is the author of 17 books including Overwhelmed, Clutter Free, The Get Yourself Organized Project, The Husband Project, Happy Habits for Every Couple, and I Need Some Help Here – Hope for When Your Kids Don’t Go According to Plan. She is the host of Clutter Free Academy the Podcast! with Kathi Lipp and speaks at conferences across the US. Kathi is published with Revell Publishers and Harvest House Publishers.

She and her husband Roger are the parents of four young adults in San Jose, CA. When she’s not dating her husband or hanging out with her puggle Jake, Kathi is speaking at retreats, conferences and women’s events across the US.

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