It must seem like the only thing I am doing this summer is reading books (and come to think of it, that wouldn’t be such a bad way to spend a summer…) We have had two family emergencies and a business trip in the past three weeks bringing us to seven different states. Blogging has had to take a back seat to life.

However, with long car/plane trips, I have had plenty of opportunities to read, so here is this week’s recommended reading:

Mennonite in a Little Black Dress is the memoir of a woman who, at 43, discovers that her husband is leaving her for a man he found on a gay dating website days before a car crash that sends her back to her childhood home to be cared for. The problem – Rhonda hasn’t been part of her Mennonite community for a while and suffers the inevitable culture clash that comes with any of us going to our parent’s homes.

Why I loved it: She comes from a German background, not too different that some of the foods and customs of my mom’s family. I could identify with some of the culture (and food) that my mom grew up with. My all-time favorite cookbook is the More-with-Less Cookbook compiled by the Mennonite church- it was a great peek into the people who are behind the cooking.

Even if you have no connection  with the Mennonite church, you will be able to identify with her list of “Shame Based” lunch items and the universal embarrassment of patents when you are an adult.

It’s a beautiful, funny and wry book that I highly recommend. (Oh, and if you can find a copy – the cookbook rocks, too.)

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