Roger and I have had a very busy week. After Kimber graduated from High School, we boarded a plane for Atlanta to stay with Roger’s mom.

Dean – Roger’s step-dad, was almost 98 years old and had a life of ministry and travel and love that most of us can only imagine. So while we are sad, we are rejoicing as well.

Roger and I have been with each other 24/7 and that has lead to some mischief.

Not only have we been eating entirely too much, (Chick-fil-a! Cracker Barrell! Dunkin’ Donuts!) we have started to make up words. (Lupper – the forth meal we end up eating everyday whole here.)

And now Pre- Laugh – any time you are watching a movie or TV show for the second (or more) time, and you start giggling before the scene even comes up because you KNOW what is coming up.

Here are a few things that make me pre-laugh:

You know the scene where Princess Fiona starts singing like a Disney Princess to a bluebird and the bird mirrors her sounds until it explodes.

Big Pre-laugh. Huge.

It is inconceivable how anticipating one word can make me pre-laugh so hard I cry. (And if you’ve seen the movie, you know what word I mean.)

The Show How I Met Your Mother just makes me laugh, but nothing gets me more than the Canadian Pop-Star Robin Sparkles singing, “Let’s go to the Mall” Classic

We could use some pre-laughs around here. Tell me, what makes you pre-laugh.

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