As I keep mentioning (because let’s fact it, I’m still pretty bitter,) we have gone from being the techie-st house on the block to the 1970’s.

Remember when, back in the 70’s when you only had four channels coming into your house. We’re back to that.

I don’t think you realize what I’m saying here.

No Project Runway.

No White Collar.

No Mythbuster.

No nuttin.

I would love to say that I’m using the extra time for memorizing Greek translations of the Old Testament, or going to Pilate’s.

But I need some fun stuff to watch on the internet.

So my question for you is: What is a can’t miss must watch. Please let me know the videos, sites and blogs that you can’t live without.

Give a girl some love here.

Oh – and we gave up Tivo. You see how bad it is around here…

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