I think words are really, really powerful.

(If I didn’t, I should probably get a different type of work, no?)

I constantly remind my kids of this fact when they use words in a careless way.

So when I started to hear my classic tank top being referred to as a “Wife Beater”, I started to boil.  But here it wasn’t my kids who were calling it that – it was fashion designers.

When I started to see the term show up on store websites and in fashion spreads in my favorite magazines, I couldn’t believe it. How did this become a phrase that we don’t even think about the meaning behind it anymore.

I know I’m just one person, but from now on when I see the phrase in a store, a magazine or a website, I’m going to start speaking up.

I’m speaking up for my friend who I don’t get to see anymore because she was so afraid that her abusive husband would follow her when she left that she doesn’t have contact with any of her old friends.

I’m speaking up for my daughters who need to understand and believe deeply that there is nothing acceptable or flip about any words related to a man beating a woman.

I’m speaking up for my sons who are some of the good guys and would never mistreat a woman – and won’t use the language that degrades any woman.

And stores are listening – they are so desperate for shoppers, they are paying close attention to the feedback their customers are giving them.

So, my question for you is: What’s your rant? What makes you crazy when you see it. Here is your soapbox.

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