As you probably know from the kind of books I write, I am pretty crazy about my husband.

But, just like every other marriage, unless I am intetional about letting him know it, I can sometimes forget that little fact.

I have certain things that stress me out in our relationship:

  • Traveling Together
  • Directions while traveling
  • Traveling with kids

(Do you see a pattern here?)

It can be hard to remember all the reasons that Roger rocks my world on a regular basis.

So instead of silently pouting  and waiting until it all gets better, (because really? I was the one with the attitude this weekend…) it’s time for my campaign to let Roger know that I love him.

So here are three simple things I am going to do to improve my relationship with my man, today.

  1. Leaving a Post-it Y’all know I have a deep affection for my office supplies. When I can combine my love of all things form Office Depot with my love of my man, it’s a beautiful thing. So I’m going to let Roger know – via sticky note – one of the reasons I love him.
  2. Make Him a Treat Baked goods always make Roger feel loved. I have time today to make him something (OK – so it will probably involve a mix, but still…) but if I didn’t, there is no reason I can’t get him something from Safeway.
  3. Brag on Him It takes about two seconds to think of something great about Roger – but that does little good unless I share it. Sometimes, I need to share it with Rog, but it is way more effective to let someone he knows how much he rocks.

So today, I want you to join me in a love-a-thon. Will you do one thing to let your man know he rocks? tell us what you did (or are going to do) and I will enter you into a drawing for one of my favorite marriage-enhancing books:

Red-Hot Monogomy by Bill and Pam Farrel.

Make sure you let me know know what it is, here on the blog, by Wednesday, and I will enter you into the drawing.

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