Have you been in a slump?

Have you hit a brick wall?

This Saturday, Roger and I taught a conference on Marketing for speakers and writer.  People traveled from all over the country to be there. They wanted to learn about the latest ideas about marketing and social media. They wanted to get inspired about what the next step is.

I would love to think that people wanted to come  because of our brilliant teaching, but the reality was something much simpler: Sometimes you  just need to get in a room.

You need to get in a room with other people who are trying to accomplish the same things you are.

You need to get in a room where there is energy and focus and the exchange of ideas and encouragement.

I love webinars, and recordings and phone conferences and online training. But there is something about being in a room you can’t replicate with a webinar.

So my question for you is this – where do your people hang. If you’re a writer, then it’s at a writers conference. If you are trying to learn to sculpt, it’s an art class?

What are you wanting to accomplish and where do you need to hang out to make it happen?

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