It was just a few short years ago that Roger and I were shopping at Ikea for bunk beds so that all our kids had a place to, well, sleep.

Now that 2/3s of the chickees have flown the coop, (one moved out the day I married Roger – nothing personal – Amamda at 18 didn’t want to share a room with a  13 year-old,)  Roger and I were back at Ikea with all the other parents who have shipped kids off to college, this time to buy a futon.

You see, Roger has his own room now. (Don’t worry, our marriage is still good.) Now that he is working full time from home, he desperately needed his own office. Both of us working from the desk in our bedroom was, let’s just say, less than marriage enhancing…

So Justen moved into Kimberly’s old room, Roger moved into the boy’s old room, and I have an office to myself.

It was a lot of work, clearing out closets, building new furniture, and clearing out old bunk beds. (BTW, if anyone in the San Jose area needs a wonderful metal bunk bed set, leave me a note in the comments. Free to a good home…)

It was a lot of work, but I also noticed something else. It was pretty inspiring.

There is just something about moving things around, getting out of your rut, that makes you be more creative.

Just as Roger and I were talking about what we wanted to get at Ikea, (an add on to a desk, a bookcase for Justen, a futon for Kimber so she would have a place to stay when she came back home…) I started to think of all sorts of ideas for my ministry. An idea for a new speaking topic. An idea for a series of booklets that I want to create, even an idea for a recipe that I want to try.

All from moving some books around.

If you are a stuck in a rut, here is a question: What could you move around?

I don’t mean on your calendar. I mean physically move around.

Seeing things in a new way will spark creativity in other areas of your life. Rearrange your laundry area – it could spark a thought for a new article, or a new bible study topic.

Could you rearrange your work space, rearrange your books, or rearrange your garden?

Tell me – what could you rearrange to spark your next great idea.

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