Monday was my agent Rachelle’s birthday. Normally, I don’t send a lot of gifts to people I work with (ask my husband’s side of the family, I’m not so great at keeping up with people I’m related to…) but we have been working together a lot this year and some cool things have been in the works, and well, it just seemed like the right things to do.

I’ve had it on my calendar for a year now. You would think I would have done something about it. But no…. I have to wait until the last minute to make sure I add some DRAMA to the event.

So today, when I saw that half of my friends on Facebook had wished her a happy birthday, I thought that – perhaps – it was time to do something about it.

I’m sure that most of you are WAY more organized than that – you pre-order birthday gifts months in advance and have a stack of pre-addressed birthday cards in your tickler file (OK, I actually do that. Don’t tell anyone I’m a freak…)

Rachelle is one of the few people I know who reads more books than I do (not just for her job, but by choice!) so she is easy. I just went to and under gift cards purchased one that could be sent instantly.

There are a bunch of designs to choose from (I am in LOVE with these two little birdees…) and any book lover (especially if they have a Kindle!) would love it.

Vermont Brownie Company

If you have a very understanding (and hungry) friend, you can let them know that their B-Day present will be a couple of days late but TOTALLY worth the wait.

  1. The goat cheese brownies from Vermont Brownie Compay are just this side of heaven.They are:
  2. 1. rich
  3. 2. chocolaty
  4. 3. and delivered right to your front door

Those are three attributes I like to see in my snack food.

Are they good? Don’t take my word for it. Vermont Brownie Compay beat Bobby Flay in a taste test. Enough said.

Yes – you can send a Netflix membership to someone and within an hour they are watching movies they can download to their TV.

Just be warned – Roger sent this to his mom and they had a heck of a time canceling. It was like the Fruit of the Month Club in Everyone Love Raymond, ‘There’s more fruit coming next month?!?! How do we make it stop!?!?)

However, I sent it to my mom when she was going to be recovering from surgery and she loved it. It combined my mother’s love of movies with my father’s love of going to the mail box. A win-win.

Any instant gifts you would like to share? I would love a shout out for your favorite companies/gift items.

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