If you’ve heard me speak on the subject of The Husband Project, you know I love the post it note project.

All I’m asking you to do today is to write a post it note and post it somewhere that your husband will see it. It can be something encouraging, it can be something flirty.

Here are some examples of what you could write:

Crib Notes: 21 Post-It-Sized Encouragements

1.      I’m praying for you today.

2.      Those jeans are really working for you…

3.      I love you.

4.      You are the best dad!

5.      You’re the kind of husband that makes the other wives jealous.

6.      You rock my world!

7.      Can’t wait to see you tonight – meet me upstairs…

8.      Thanks for working hard to provide for us. I appreciate all that you do.

9.      You make me feel beautiful.

10.  I thank God for you everyday.

11.  How did I get so lucky, being married to a guy like you?

12.  You’re great!

13.  You make everyday more fun.

14.  Have a great day.

15.  You’re hot!

16.  I feel so safe with you.

17.  Smart and good looking – I’ve got the whole package in you!

18.  You can be very distracting, you know…

19.  Our kids are so blessed to have a dad like you.

20.  That smile I wear – it is all because of you.

21.  God have blessed me in big ways by letting me be your wife.

All you have to do to be entered into our drawing giveaway is tell me what you wrote in the comments below. Have fun and happy encouraging/flirting.

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