I hope you’ve had the chance to read some of the true-life confessions on yesterday’s topic of women’s most over the top mom moments (and if you don’t laugh out loud to the one mom’s resignation letter written to her daughter, I can’t help you.)

So here is my very own, “I don’t think I’m qualified for this job” mom moment.

I was driving to a friend’s house to drop off a rubber stamp she had ordered from an at-home party I had hosted. I was doing my best to set expectations for Justen,5 at the time, and Kimberly, 3 and strapped into her car seat. “Yes, we are going over to Miss Tammy’s house. But we can’t stay and play with the kids. Mommy has a lot of errands to run and we don’t have time. Yes Kimberly. I know that Julia is your friend and you want to play with her, but you will not be getting out of the car. I don’t care how much you cry and pout. You are not getting out of the car.”

So, I went up to Tammy’s front door to drop off the rubber stamp and chat with her for JUST A MINUTE while the kids waited in the car in her driveway. When I got back to the car, everyone had settled down.

And that’s when I sat down and the driver’s seat went SQUISH.

After much investigation and forcing Justen to rat out his sister, I got the details of the events that had occurred.

Kimberly had:
1. Managed to get out of her car seat. (Safety seat my foot.)
2. Climbed into the front seat.
3. Removed her Pull-up.
4. Whizzed in my seat.
5. Pulled up the Pull-up
6. Gotten back into her car seat.

And now. 15 years later? Kimberly is still very proud of that moment in her life.
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