On Tuesday Roger and I will begetting up at 4:30 in the morning, (have I mentioned that I am not a morning person?) to fly to New Mexico to teach at the Ghost Ranch CLASS Christian Writers Conference.

We must really love writers in order to get up before many farmers.

There has been a lot of prep work getting ready for this conference and that, on top of our every day jobs, (me, writing and speaking, Roger, working for HP,) has been a bit overwhelming what with the plague hitting our house and all.

I don’t think that Roger was expecting quite so much prep work and kind of shut off his brain to the influx of all the e-mails that were coming in. Which worked for him.

For a while.

That is until one or two people were trying to get me to get him to respond. One of those people, Gary Chevalier, had requested an interesting fact from each of us to use in his role as emcee for the event. He was getting desperate and sent me the following email:

I’ve sent him (Roger) the email about telling me an Interesting fact for Introductions, but I haven’t heard back from him yet. Can you give him a gentle spousal reminder to do that? Maybe over dinner tonight, you can give him a little something like this,

“Oh Roger! I had so much fun today coming up with an interesting fact about me to send to Gary Chevalier (pictured left with his adorable wife Andrea) for the Writer’s Conference.
Remember when I flashed those trick-or-treaters?
It was sooooo hysterical!
What interesting fact did you tell him?
You haven’t sent him anything yet?
Roger Lipp, I’m appalled!
No nooky for you until you send Gary that interesting fact!”

Roger sent Gary the interesting fact about 30 minutes later.

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