Every year we have two kinds of turkey; boy turkey and girl turkey.

No, we don’t pay extra to have our birds sexed. The boy turkey is the one that Roger puts in the smoker and tends to all Thanksgiving day, and the girl turkey is the one that I get drunk the night before and throw in the oven late Thursday morning.

Roger’s turkey is has tender meat and a dark, smokey skin. So yummy.

My turkey is juicy and savory and falls off the bone.

Since we are all about saving time, I will not tell you the boy recipe – if your husband is crazy enough to want to buy all the stuff to do it, I will not contribute to the madness.

If you want a delicious, easy turkey that requires a large garbage bag to prepare, (really, it’s not as gross as it sounds…) check out this recipe of Emeril’s here.

Plus, I would love to have your recipe for the dish you just can’t do Thanksgiving without. You know I love a new recipe…

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