I’ve really, really missed you.

It has been a whirlwind month with racking up flights on Southwest, meeting new friends in New Mexico, Missouri and hanging out with Mickey in Florida.

But with all that traveling, and the time changes and the altitude (who knew that New Mexico was so high…?!?) I just plain left the my real world (bloggy and home) behind.

Here are some of the things that I missed, in no particular order…

1. My dog Jake
2. Being able to share random thoughts on the blog and having all of you share back with me.
3. My mattress
4. Sharing recipes here
5. Facebook (ok, I did a little of it…)
6. Starbucks (the didn’t have it at the Ghost Ranch in NM and the coffee at Disneyworld is atrocious…)
7. Tivo
8. Cooking
9. Writing

Oh, and did I mention the coffee?

Glad to be home. I will be working on finishing up my next book, The What’s for Dinner Solution. I’m excited to finish it up and be home for a while.

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