This is my shallow list – but when I find something I love, I have to share it with the world.

Roux ‘Tween Time Touch Up Sticks

When people ask me “Is that your natural hair color?” I always tell them the truth – “Yes, but now I have to pay for it.”

You see, I’ve always been a redhead – as a child I cursed it, (in THE ME PROJECT I have a whole chapter dedicated to my red-hot hate of my red-hot curls,) and now I pay big bucks for it.

There’s only one problem – my gray hair demands that I get it colored every two weeks – my budget says once a month.

That’s two weeks of frightening small children and woodland creatures…

But now, my hair guy, Franc, (yes, really) introduced me to this “Tween Times stick. All you have to do is find a willing husband to color inside the lines on your head and you’re good to go.


And yes – they have different colors to blend with yours. I stockpiled the red stick just in case.

My dad has been a collector of all things junk my entire life. Now I finally see the mentality of this put to good use.

This show is like validation for everyone who should be on Hoarders – two guys – Mike and Frank – stop by random houses and go “picking” through people’s stuff. The have an antique business and resell this stuff to dealers, collectors and decorators.

It is my most anticipated hour of TV.

Jamba Juice’s Peach Blackberry Smash Frozen Bar

70 Calories

100% addictive

Must. Go. Get. Now.

Now it’s your turn – anything you would like to share with the rest of the class?

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