Ever since I posted about her a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had Dory on the brain.

I’ve been thinking about her motto, “Just Keep Swimming” when it comes to almost every aspect of my life.

My ministry.

My marriage.

My parenting.

My writing.

And it seems that some of you have Dory on the brain as well – I’ve heard from several of you that the motto, “Just keep swimming,” has been a theme for you as well.

So it seemed natural that when I was at World of Disney on Saturday, I bought up all the stuffed Dorys they had.

(OK, it seemed natural to everyone except Darla from Oklahoma who was cashing me out, “What do you need with all those fish?!?)

Here is what I need with all those fish.

Once a month, I want you to tell me, in the comments, a time this month when you just kept swimming. A time when you were working towards something, a goal you have, a dream you want, and when something came up, you just kept swimming.

I will put all your names in a hat, pick one, and will send you one of my 13 stuffed Dorys.

I want to do this because it ties in so beautifully with my new book, THE ME PROJECT.

I want to do this because it’s important to let the world know that you did something huge, (even if huge is walking 4 blocks instead of the 3 you walked last week.)

I want to do this because it’s important that I get to cheer you on to be all that God created you to be.

So tell me – when did you keep swimming?

(I will pick a winner on Thursday at noon PST and announce it on Friday’s blog post.)

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