I’ve had a dream. A dream about T-shirts. And I love how God can work out the silliest of dreams and bless some marriages along the way…

Here’s the story: Ever since I wrote THE HUSBAND PROJECT, I’ve wanted to have a T-shirt that says, “My Husband is a Hottie”. It seems like a simple enough dream, right?

Oy Vey.

I spent a lot of time getting in my own way, not feeling like I knew enough about T-Shirts, printing, etc. I was like that person who always says, “I want to write  a book,” but never writes anything down.

Fast forward a couple of years and I innocently order a very cute sweatshirt from a company called DressBlessed.com and waited for my adorable sweatshirt to arrive. Instead, I got a call from the owner of the company, Jackie Fairleigh, double checking the size of the sweatshirt I wanted.

And that’s when I said, “Hey, while I have you on the line…”

Jackie, as an experienced T-shirt, sweatshirt retailer, gave me the low down on how to buy shirts, what to look for in a printer, what sizes to order, and even sent me samples of her own T-shirts so I could do this right. With the support of my ever-patient husband Roger, we went to a T-shirt printer, put down a lot of money,and now we have…

Isn’t that the cutest thing you have ever seen? (Modeled by my adorable, but reluctant, assistant, Sunnie…)

I love the shirts, they look great, they feel great, and the reactions from the husbands is OFF THE HOOK. (BTW – the secret is to not tell him about the shirt, just wear it one day and let the blushing begin…) And they are a hit. I just got them on the 11th of this month and we’ve already placed a reorder!

If you are interested in ordering a shirt (they run just a little on the generous size, so if you are between sizes, go for the smaller one…) you can go to my store to get your very own shirt. The are high-quality Hanes Pre-shrunk T-shirts that are soft and wonderful and designed for women. We have them in sizes from Small -2x Large.

Next week, we are going to be starting a 5-Day ME PROJECT Challenge. The challenge is to get started, just started, on a dream you have.

My dream was T-Shirts. That dream has come true. Now I’m on to the next dream.

What is one of the many dreams that you have? Share it here – it could be as simple as learning how to decorate a cupcake (which, upon further thought, might be really, really, hard. I wouldn’t know. I don’t know much about cupcakes except I like frosting…) or it might be as complicated as opening a bakery.

Next week, we are going to take some first steps.

So tell me. What’s your dream?

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