I’m trying to make some big hairy changes in my life.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that weight is an issue for me. I go up, I go down. I struggle. But this is my “Just keep swimming” year. I have been seeing a counselor who is helping me get at some of the habits I have in life that are keeping me from living the way that God designed me to.

It sounds all healthy and empowering. But sometimes, it gets just plain overwhelming. So my counselor, Julie, has been having me focus on just a couple of things at a time. One of those things? Not being on the computer at all hours so I can get to bed at a decent time and wake up in the morning without an Internet hangover.

And it’s been working. For the most part, I have been getting off the computer at 7 PM and it has helped a lot. Except in the area of blogging.

I’m so used to staying up late and blogging that I don’t even think about it until around 8 PM when I think, “YIKES, I didn’t blog again!!!” And then I would be super tempted to do it, just this once, and promise to start blogging during the day tomorrow. (Promise, really – just this one time.)

But I knew it wouln’t be just this once. And I knew that if I did it one night, it would be so much easier to do it again the next night, and then instead of building a habit of turning off my computer at 7:00, I was building a habit of not taking great care of myself.

So I didn’t blog. And I missed you.

But I started to build a habit. A good habit. Not a habit that all of you need to build. Just a habit that works for me. And today, I thought – I want to blog before I turn off my computer – not as a punishment, but because I missed you.

Totally worth it.

Are there any areas of your life where you’re trying to build a new habit? I would love to hear how you are building health into your life.

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