If you are waiting to be inspired to get going on your dreams, you need to go read the comments from last week’s blog posts. You all have been such an inspiration to me – I have no words.

I wanted to do something for each of you. I have an article on how to Kick Start Your Steps – so if you tell me in the comments below the one thing you are carrying over from last week’s steps, I will send you the article.

And NOW – for the winners from last week: if your name is listed below be sure to email sunnie @ kathilipp.com and let her know your mailing address – we will get your prize in the mail this week.

Monday – Linda Jenkins

Tuesday – Kristina

Wednesday – Adelle @ ready…GO!…get set

Thursday Shannon Wheeler

Friday Regena

And our grand prize winner of of the Dory Award goes to ..

Judy Parker

And remember, I will send you the article if you tell me one thing in the comments that you are still doing to work towards your goal from last week.

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